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We are no longer operating in Vancouver

Please note that we are no longer operating in Vancouver, and apologize for any trouble this may cause you.

We are still operating in BC with Classes and Camps out of Coquitlam. For additional information about Drama, Dance and Singing Classes in Coquitlam, please call Cher Zorrilla 778-990-9043

Franchise available. If you are interested into operating a Stagecoach Franchise please contact Andrew Walters at awalters@stagecoach.co.uk


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Our Acting, Singing and Dance Classes & Times

Welcome to StageCoach where we provide quality instruction in the performing arts for children aged 3-18 yrs. Our aim is to nurture and develop young potential through the arts by stretching imaginations and building confidence. Weekend programs give children the opportunity to explore the full spectrum of the performing arts, with instruction in singing, dancing, and acting. We endeavour to provide an inclusive program with a balance of fun, learning, and performance opportunities for participants of all levels of experience and ability. Come see what we're all about!