Our students love to showcase what they have learned at StageCoach and it’s a pleasure to be able to share this with their parents, friends and family.  Students can show off their talents to their parents at 'End of Term Presentations' and 'End of Year Shows'. There are also opportunities for students to perform on stage at large professional venues.

End of Term Presentations

Our end of term presentations for family and friends take place at your child’s StageCoach school venue.  This gives our students a friendly and familiar environment where they can experience what it’s like to perform.

Shy children often reveal a confidence rarely seen, boisterous youngsters can amaze us with their spot-on characterisation, and it’s always a delight to see students working in harmony to give the best possible performance.

" Fall end of term presentation"

End of Year Shows

Our end of year show gives our students the opportunity to showcase to family and friends everything they have learned at StageCoach.  We hold auditions, rehearsals and full dress rehearsals to give youngsters an insight into what it takes to put on a full musical production.  We never put pressure on any student to perform and make sure everyone is included.  It’s always a pleasure to see so many students grasp the opportunities and rise to the challenges.

"End of Year Show "Wizard of Oz"

Major Performances and Events

The quality of our teaching means that our students are always in high demand for major performances and events. Many of our students get the opportunity to perform on stage at large professional venues.  Performing on the same stage where they may have seen a visiting Broadway productions is a great thrill for our students and helps them to grow in confidence as performers. Casting agents who are interested in auditioning StageCoach students for a production should click here.

"Regional Event at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, March 2014"