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Build Confidence

Seeing young people blossom as they discover new-found confidence is our biggest joy. It often happens at the most unexpected time and it is why we do what we do!

Have Fun

Every child loves to have fun! We will spark your child’s imagination with an exciting program of singing, dancing and acting all under one roof!

Sing, Dance, Act

It doesn’t matter if your child can’t sing, dance or act yet – we’re here to show them how! Your child will have fun learning these key performing arts skills.

Make Friends

Children find it easy to make friends at StageCoach! We’ll look after your child and help them build life-long friendships.


For children and teens aged 3-18! All abilities welcome – there are no auditions

Welcome to StageCoach Theatre Arts Canada where we bring out the best in every child by teaching them peforming arts .

Our Weekly classes offer drama, singing, dancing and acting.

We delight in seeing all our students grow in confidence and develop lifelong skills as they learn how to perform in a safe, fun and welcoming environment.
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Early Stages

Performing Arts Classes for 4-6 yr olds

Main Stages

Performing Arts Classes for 6-16 yr olds

Further Stages

Performing Arts Classes for 14+ yr olds

Child acting in a play
"Janie recently did a presentaion in front of her whole class. She used to be so shy! She could never have done that before StageCoach"
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