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Welcome to Stagecoach Performing Arts where we love to bring out the best in every child through the wonderful world of Singing, Dancing and Acting.

Early Stages

4-6 years old
Young kids become more confident and develop lifelong skills at our fun and welcoming singing, dancing and drama classes. Our Early Stages classes last 90 minutes and are held weekly during term time.

Main Stages

6-16 years old
Kids and teens explore their creativity as they develop singing, dancing and drama skills in our engaging performing arts classes. Our Main Stages classes run for three hours per week in term time.

Further Stages

14+ years
Students with a flair and passion for performing arts can extend their skills in our advanced classes. Our in-depth training classes help students to hone their singing, dancing and acting abilities.
Child acting in a play
"My daughter is so happy to be a part of the Stagecoach family. The freedom to express herself combined with the high calibre coaching in all three disciplines keeps us coming back year after year."
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