Keeping Your Child Safe
Keeping Your Child Safe
Keeping Your Child Safe


The guidelines below may vary depending on provincial regulations, government allowances and local school rules.

Please do not send your child to Stagecoach if they are feeling unwell, or a family member in your household are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Where government or local regulations mandate their use, masks will be required when the children are entering the venue. Please contact your Principal for local rules.
  • To minimize risk, students will stay in their allocated class groups during their time at Stagecoach.
  • All parents/guardians/caregivers are kindly asked to maintain social distancing when arriving at our venue. Please observe guidance such as floor markers, etc.
  • No parents/guardians/caregivers are permitted to enter the building (unless in an emergency).
  • Registration will be taken in each group's classroom to maintain social distancing.
In Class 
  • We will be observing class sizes in line with social distancing.
  • If government or local regulations mandate their use, children will be required to wear masks during our Stagecoach classes. Please contact your principal for local rules
  • Frequent hand washing or hand sanitization will be undertaken by all upon entry, between disciplines, before and after break and bathroom visits, and upon exit.
  • Hand sanitizers will be in each classroom and the main entrance (where applicable).
  • Signage regarding hand washing / sanitizing will be displayed around the venue.
  • Please ensure your child only brings essential possessions to Stagecoach (such as water, lunch or a snack for break and any medical needs, i.e. EpiPen), and to keep those possessions close to them wherever practicable. 
  • Non essential items (such as props and costumes) will not be used for the time being
  • Students will be encouraged to cough or sneeze using the inside of their elbow to ‘catch it’ or a kleenex which should be put into a garbage bag (one per room) which the Principal will seal and dispose of after each school session.
  • High contact surfaces will be frequently cleaned throughout the day and between groups
Social Distancing
  • We will be observing the latest social distancing guidance from the Government for all of our students where appropriate.
  • Rooms will be of the required size and markings made to assist students in recognizing the social distancing needed.
  • For Early Years students we will endeavour to deliver classes which encourage them to keep their distance where reasonably practicable.
  • Our bathroom policy has been modified to incorporate social distancing.
  • Students are to be collected from the same door they entered the building. Please note that we may need to stagger departure times to ensure social distancing is maintained.
Venue availability
  • In the event of Stagecoach venue becoming unavailable, we will endeavour to source an alternative venue within the surrounding area, or move the day/time of our classes.
  • If for any reason, we are unable to deliver our classes in the Stagecoach venue, we will be offering replacement classes delivered via an online platform such as Zoom where available.

There may be additional safety measures in place at your Stagecoach venue, which your Principal will make you aware of. 

Please note, as government guidance and policy change we will be updating safety measures accordingly.