Children and teenagers who join our Main Stages classes learn how to sing, dance and act while gaining important life skills that help them grow into confident young adults.

Our Main Stages classes run for three hours every week.  During this time, students enjoy an hour of dance, an hour of singing and an hour of acting.

These classes are aimed at children aged from six to 16.  Students are split into age-appropriate groups where they quickly make friends as they learn a wide variety of performance skills and styles. 

We feel proud to see our Main Stages students growing up, becoming more confident and creative and developing important interpersonal and social skills. They leave StageCoach with important skills that will help them excel at school and in later life.

Students who wish to take their performance skills to an even higher level may be interested in our Further Stages classes for youngsters aged 14 to 18. 


Students learn a range of vocal techniques and are introduced to a variety of musical rhythms, tempos and song genres and styles. You will notice an improvement in your child’s singing ability and range, diction and projection. They will also become more confident as a performer and as a person.


Our dance lessons are the perfect place for students to have fun and release some  energy!  We explore a wide range of dance genre, from Broadway and Jazz to Hip Hop and Pop.  Very soon you’ll see an improvement in your child’s dance technique, co-ordination, fitness, flexibility and stamina which will help your child become more confident to take part in sporting and other activities inside and outside of school.


Our students transform in front of our eyes through the power of acting!  Improvisation and role play gives children and teenagers the freedom to explore their creativity and imagination.  We teach our students how to speak clearly, how to project their voices and how to embody the roles they are playing.  You’ll see improvements in your child’s confidence and social awareness, and their ability to communicate with a wider range of vocabulary and improved diction.