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From what age does Stagecoach take new students?
Our Early Stages classes are for four years plus. However, if your child will be turning four during term-time you may be able to enroll them for the start of that term. 
How much does it cost to attend Stagecoach?
The cost per term for Early Stages (4-6 yrs, 1.5 hours per week) is $260 and for Main Stages (6-16 yrs, 3 hours per week) is $470. When you first join all we ask is that you pay a deposit to secure your spot. This deposit is then taken out of the rest of the term's fees if you decide to stay for the rest of the term. The remainder of the fees can then be paid in one or two instalments.
How long is a term at Stagecoach?
There are three terms a year: Winter, Fall and Spring terms. Term length may vary by school. Please check the local Stagecoach for more information.
When does Stagecoach run?
The days and times of our Stagecoach classes vary from school to school. Our classes are never during school hours, with most schools running over the weekends in the morning and afternoon. 
How long does Stagecoach run for each week?
Early Stages runs for 90 minutes each week, with 30 minutes dedicated to each discipline. Main Stages runs for three hours each week, with one hour dedicated to each discipline. There is a break between the second and third classes.
What does my child need to wear to Stagecoach?
Stagecoach yellow or black T-shirt and jazz shoes/gym slippers are compulsory pieces of uniform at Stagecoach. Ask your Stagecoach Principal about where to obtain these. We also ask that our students wear a black jogging bottoms/dance leggings. Stagecoach t-shirts are available for purchase at the school from your Stagecoach Principal.
What if I am not able to attend a class?
If you find that you are unable to attend your usual Stagecoach class please contact your Stagecoach Principal, giving as much notice as possible. We encourage students to attend every week but we understand that this is not always possible.
How much notice do I have to give should I decide to leave Stagecoach?
You must give half a term's written notice to the Principal of the Stagecoach school your child attends should you decide to leave Stagecoach.

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