Kids aged four to six are introduced to the performing arts program through our fabulous range of singing, dancing and acting classes.

In our singing classes, kids learn new songs and find out about rhythm, timing and how sounds are formed. Our dancing classes give them the confidence to try new dance moves, while our drama sessions allow budding young actors to role play and practise improvisation and storytelling.

Weekly classes are held during term time and are split into three 30-minute classes with equal time devoted to singing, dancing and acting. Term length may vary by school. Please check the local Stagecoach for more information.

Stagecoach provides a fun and safe environment where youngsters learn the skills needed to be able to perform on stage. 

During weekly 90-minute sessions, the time is divided into three lessons with equal focus on singing, dancing and acting – all under one roof!

Your child will make new friends, master new skills and become fitter and happier as they grow in confidence and self-esteem during their time at Stagecoach.

For more information, please contact your local Stagecoach school.