Stagecoach Vancouver's drama teacher is pushing limits in drama class

Sometimes, students forget that in drama, there aren’t really any limits.
There’s the usual - hands to yourself, respect the ideas of others, listen while someone is talking. But those limits aren’t really holding them back. I’m talking about limits on creativity. They don’t seem to realise that there aren’t any!
“Can my character have an English accent?”
Of course.
“Is it okay if I look angry, like this?”
Yes, its good.
“Is my character a boy or a girl?”
You’re a space cat.
The light in their eyes sparks when they finally understand that their minds are allowed to wander and they can act out anything that comes into their heads.
Strangely, telling stories about cheese is the place to which most newly liberated minds wish to travel. Across the board. In every city I've taught in, all ages - everyone thinks it's funny to tell stories about cheese. Go figure.
Once the cheese talk is out of the way, the possibilities are literally endless! We're entertaining each other and ourselves with great impulses and ideas every week. Whining a line that you'd expect to be angry. Playing a ghost as a hippie. Princesses taking selfies. Miming the relationship of twins (who thinks of that?!).
Kids can surprise themselves, too. They'll discover a character's emotional breakthrough, or find that their silly walk produces floor-rolling laughs, or even make themselves cry in a scene.
And to think, they could be missing out on all of this, simply because they think there are limits.
We worry about making wrong choices. There are no wrong choices. There are only various types of awesome choices.