Stagecoach Toronto West

A very warm welcome to Stagecoach Performing Arts, Toronto West, where we provide quality part-time training in the performing arts for children aged 4-16 years.

Our aim is to nurture and develop young potential through singing, dancing and acting classes. Stretching young imaginations, building confidence, making new friendships and learning skills for life, we believe that the whole world is a stage and the skills children learn at Stagecoach provide a solid basis to help them at school, at university and in their future careers.

Call me, Mary Long, Principal directly at  
416 409 6657

Mary Long

All of our Team are Police Vulnerable Sector checked.



At Stagecoach, we are committed to building meaningful, enduring and respectful relationships with our customers, students and our Stagecoach team. We want people to feel a true sense of belonging at Stagecoach Performing Arts, a place where we celebrate and embrace diversity, and where people can be their true authentic selves.


Registration NOW CLOSED for SPRING 2024 SPOTS AVAILABLE FOR NEW STUDENTS for FALL 2024. Registration for FALL will open at the end of June. Come Join the Stagecoach Team! CURRENT STUDENTS do not need to re-apply.


A note about the 3 Early Stages classes that you see listed at Humbercrest United: Each class is organized according to age. CLASS #1; kids from 4-4.5 yrs; Class #2; kids from 5-5.5 yrs.; CLASS #3; kids from 6-6.5 yrs. At 7 years old you may join MAIN SCHOOL Stage 1 programme. APPLY NOW!


We regret that we do not offer Summer Camps at the Toronto West Humbercrest location. The venue is not available to us in the summer months. Our sister schools do offer camps however; check out their sites.

Weekly Classes

Early Stages (for ages 4-6 yrs)

Early Stages classes run alongside the main Stagecoach schools, where young people learn skills in each of the three Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama, so it is an easy step when it is time to transfer to the next stage.

Main Stages (for ages 6-16 yrs)

Main Stages classes are split in three age appropriate groups, where young people learn new skills in each of the complementary Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama. We nurture the shy and apprehensive, until they find their feet and voice, while at the same time developing and channelling those with bundles of talent, confidence and energy. We believe in the potential of every child!

Further Stages (for ages 14+ yrs)

Our musical theatre sessions give teenagers the chance to learn and develop performance skills in an inclusive and friendly environment. Through ongoing training, performance opportunities and master classes, we help students to learn or enhance their skills in acting, dancing and singing, as well as life skills. We also give students the confidence to prepare for auditions and/or pursue a post-secondary acting program, if that is their goal. The program can be a place to make new friends, build confidence and learn more about the wonderful world of performing arts!


Meet The Team

Principal - Mary Long

I have been a performer all my life. I started as a child actor and after facing many cameras and trotting many stages, I have come full circle.
I am thrilled to share the fun I had as a child, but also the discipline I learned, that has been invaluable to me as an adult.
Stagecoach Toronto West has had the privilege of teaching and getting to know over 1000 students in the 13 years we have been operating. We hope we have instilled in them a love for the theatre and a lifetime of memories.
I hope you will allow us to mentor YOUR child through their dreams to success.
With the opportunity to study acting, dance and singing, your student may turn into a performer; but offer them the same opportunities and they will have the tools to become creative, inspiring, confident leaders of tomorrow, with a deep appreciation for the theatre and the important place it holds in a civilized society.
Both scenarios are possible at Stagecoach!
Bring us your shy and reticent and they will find their people;
Together, they will take on the future!
This is the “PLACE TO BE…”

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